Monday, September 9, 2013

2013 Inspiration 100 - Results

Congratulations to all the participants of the 2013 Inspiration 100! We had 103 riders roll out on an oppressively hot day onto the soft gravel and rolling hills of the course. Everyone made it back and was accounted for by the end of the day, which is all we can ask for.

We did our best to get your name, place and time accurate. If there are any errors (misspelled names, incorrect whatever) please let me know via email or the comments. 

We are still sorting out the pictures and our thoughts, but will have more posted soon.

1Vetter, Nick*5:25:00
2Bergman, Adam5:25:00
3Schad, Charlie5:39:00
4Sattler, Monika*5:55:00
5Cardinal, Craig6:06:00
6Kern, Jon6:08:00
7Bushendorf, Jeff6:10:00
8Hecht, Tyler6:10:00
9Schneiderhan, Joe6:11:00
10Nikodym, Matt6:11:00
11Doom, Ben6:12:00
12Peter, John6:19:00
13St. Pierre, Sam6:22:00
14Oney, Ben6:46:00
15Kosloski, Mike6:47:00
16Klein, Scott6:47:00
17Bergman, Bianca6:48:00
18Murray, Galen6:48:00
19Egbers, John6:52:00
20Mondloch, Mark7:00:00
21Shanafelt, Todd7:00:00
22Tassava, Christopher7:07:00
23Oolman, Tim7:12:00
24Fiedler, Josh7:15:00
25Struchynksi, John7:15:00
26Gromatka, Steven7:18:00
27Pahr, Joe7:23:00
28Jenkins, Julia7:24:00
29Knoll, Greg7:28:00
30Allgood, Charles7:30:00
31Sloma, Brett7:37:00
32Anderson, Bruce7:39:00
33Hale, Todd*7:42:00
34Thompson, Andrew7:50:00
35Horstmann, David7:50:00
36Halstead, Corey7:50:00
37Pokorney, Jeff7:50:00
38Johnson, Paul7:50:00
39Boyd, Tim7:50:00
40Pitts, Justin7:52:00
41Trevino, Loretta7:54:00
42Buchanan, Paul7:54:00
43Bushinski, Mark8:07:00
44Jenkins, Chris8:07:00
45VanDewater, Jake8:11:00
46Stulen, Kevin8:12:00
47Harnish, Derek8:13:00
48Rathlisberger, Mike8:15:00
49Lageson, Andy8:35:00
50Smith, David8:36:00
51Wellbrock, Jim8:38:00
52Mueller, Bob8:38:00
53Roepke, Chuck8:42:00
54Orthey, Chris8:43:00
55Geyer, Ben8:44:00
56Wolpers, Phil8:47:00
57Downing, Josh8:47:00
58Dietz, Scott8:52:00
59Korkowski, Paul8:56:00
60Foster, Chris8:56:00
61Vacinek, Brent8:57:00
62Albrecht, Rich8:58:00
63Leizinger, Alicia8:58:00
64Leizinger, Matt8:58:00
65Barlage, Andrew8:58:00
66Cruser, Dan9:05:00
67Carlson, Derek9:09:00
68Breen, Luke9:09:00
69Lyon, Barry9:25:00
70Miller, Ben9:25:00
71Mansour, Michael9:30:00
72Bridges, Bradley9:30:00
73Pletka, Bruce10:06:00
74Fredrickson, Lars10:15:00
75Curtis, Barbra10:29:00
76Curtis, Adam10:29:00
77Rosen, Mark10:30:00
78Swenson, Bryan10:30:00
DNFAdams, Troy
DNFBaltzley, Jessica
DNFBeitz, Mark
DNFBruning, David
DNFCramton, Jim
DNFCramton, Mark
DNFCramton, Matt
DNFGiese, Alex
DNFHalstrom, Mark
DNFKinney, Patrick
DNFKokkila, Daven
DNFKvaal, Chris
DNFLindberg, Brad
DNFLindberg, Gary
DNFOdio, Jorge
DNFOlson, Katy
DNFRandolph, Daniel
DNFSears, Dave
DNFShaw, Ed
DNFShouse Tourino, Corey
DNFStaufenberg, Adam
DNFSundheim, David
DNFTsurutani, Gabriella
DNFZeibot, Alex
DNFSmith, Patrick
*1st place male, female, and singlespeed, respectively


  1. Thanks for hosting us.
    You guys put on an awesome event!
    I have never been so proud of coming in 10th from last place : )
    I loved every minute (even though I considered crying a couple of times)

    1. Thank you for coming, Luke. It was our pleasure. Anyone who finished in Saturday's conditions should be proud. Heat, humidity, dust, and soft, soft gravel. That makes an already challenging course that much tougher.

      It wouldn't be the first time tears were shed on that route. By Scott, of course. :-).

    2. Evberybody hurts, everybody cries, sometimes...