Tuesday, September 17, 2013

2013 Inspiration 100 - Wrap Up

It is hard to believe the race is already over a week behind us. We had a great day on Saturday, September 7, and hope that you did as well. One of the many great things about gravel racing is how different the same course can be from year to year. Last year it was predominantly hardscrabble, washboard gravel on a relatively cool and breezy day. This year it was mostly slushy, soft dusty gravel on an oppressively hot and windless day. Same course (save for that right turn up Lees Circle around mile 97), but a much different experience. We look forward to what next year will bring us.

One thing that is consistent is the quality of people who volunteer and participate at the event. We are very fortunate to have generous family and friends who donate their time, prizes or whatever to help us put on the race. The gravel racing community has also been great. We have enjoyed hosting all of you, and you have made it a very rewarding experience. Thank you to everyone involved.

Congratulations to everyone who lined up and took on the challenge of the race. It was hot! We are pleased everyone made it safely back to the finish. You self-supported riders know how to take care of yourselves, and sometimes that means calling it a day. That is one of the other great things about gravel racing. So many variables need to coalesce for a successful finish. A lot can happen over 100 miles, and it takes a certain something (grit, insanity...) to line-up at the start. Many of you finished your first gravel century under less than optimal conditions, and for that we salute you, along with all finishers!

Special recognition to our "podium" finishers. All of the top 3 male and female finishers had a time that eclipsed last year's first place finishers. It was a much swifter race this year for the fast riders. You can see the full results here.

Top 3 Male

  1. Nick Vetter (5:25)
  2. Adam Bergman (5:25)
  3. Charlie Schad (5:39)

Top 3 Female

  1. Monika Sattler (4th overall) (5:55)
  2. Bianca Bergman (6:48)
  3. Julia Jenkins (7:24)

Singlespeed winner - Todd Hale (7:42)

Thank You - Sponsors

  • Eye Associates of Alexandria: Donating the sunglasses that were the first place price for top male and female finishers. Like an idiot, I forgot to hand these our during the awards ceremony, but I did get them mailed to Nick and Monika last week. 
  • Jake's Bikes: Helping us use the parking lot for registration and offering a discount to all riders, Jake's Oasis, and many other things that helped us put on the race.
  • Blue Ox Timber Frames: Donating the wood for the awards. 
  • Zorbaz: Donating ice. A helluva lot of ice.
  • Millerville Liquor and Ron's Ready Mart: Keeping the bottles full and the riders cool (particularly the Liquor Store). 
  • Fresh Start: Rider Sam St. Pierre donated all Fresh Start products that were out at the finish. Thank you Sam!
  • Donors: We collected $800 in donations, which is an incredible amount. Thanks to all who were able to contribute. It was a little less than the cost of the race, but the loss definitely falls within the acceptable range. Fantastic!
  • Photography: Tim Hardie for taking all the pictures, and Lars Fredrickson for the use of his equipment.
  • Garfield Elementary School: For letting us use the grounds for the start/finish area. It is perfect, and we appreciate being able to use that space.
I am sure I am forgetting something, and will most likely be editing this in the near future.

If you are so inclined, you can see all 600+ photos taken on Saturday.

See you next year! The race will be on September 6, 2014. 

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