Friday, August 12, 2016

2016 Inspiration 100 Roster

We are about 30 days from the final Inspiration 100 on September 10, 2016. I have gone through all the postcards and put together the roster. If you don't see your name and you sent a card (or if your card got lost between your house and the mailbox and you want to ride /wink wink) please let me know. If I managed to butcher your name, even though you wrote it out so nicely for me, I can change it.

I will have registration and route info next week. For now, keep riding and, if your name is listed below, plan on riding on September 10!

Albrecht, Rich
Alexander, Greg
Anderson, Bruce
Atkinson, Chris
Bavelli, Lucio
Bergman, Adam
Bergman, Bianca
Birkemier, Ryan
Blumke, Aaron
Bridges, Bradley
Brown, Chris
Bushman, Brendon
Cardinal, Craig
Dahlin, Joel
Davis, Jason
Demars, Joseph
Dorow, Linda
Egbars, JJ
Fetzer, Matt
Fredrickson, Debra
Hahn, Edward
Hale, Todd
Halstead, Corey
Hanson, Boyd
Hanson, Harley
Haug, Ryan
Hawes, MIke
Houghton, Mike
Janson, Sarah
Kern, Jon
Klein, Scott
Kniper, Jens
Knoll, Greg
Kosloski, Mike
Kvaal, Chris
Larson, Ryan
Latsch, Michael
Lehmkuhl, MIchael
Loosen, Ted
Mansour, Michael
Markley, Aleasha
Markman, David
Menninger, Lisa
Mensinger, Zack
Moody, Peter
Mueller, Bob
Murray, Galen
Odio, Jorge
Pahr, Joe
Peterson, Dan
Pokorney, Jeff
Rasmussen, Baleigh
Rathlisberger, Mike
Ringuette, Jim
Roepke, Chuck
Schad, Alex
Schad, Charlie
Schulz, Thad
Shouse, Corey
Simpson, Bob
Skelton, Ellie
Sloma, Brett
Smith, Ross
Sobota, Kyle
St. Pierre, Sam
Stewart, Liam
Stinson, Ren
Stulen, Kevin
Sundheim, David
Sundquist, Matt
Swenson, Bryan
Tank, Dennis
Tassava, Christopher
Thomas, Tony
Thompson, Andrew
Thueringer, Frank
Vacinek, Brent
VanVleet, Matt
Vetter, Nick
Wagster, Mike
Wallingford, Jamie
Ward, Denise
Wellbrock, Jim
Zaayer, Suzanne


  1. I put my card in the mail a few weeks ago. Must have gotten lost. Could you please add me to the list?

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