Sunday, October 2, 2016

2016 Inspiration 100 - Results and Pictures

We had a perfect day for the last Inspiration 100. Here are your big deal finishers.

Men's Podium: Ted Loosen, Nick Vetter, Charlie Schad.
Men's Podium (L-R): Nick Vetter (2nd), Ted Loosen (1st), Charlie Schad (3rd)

Women's Podium, in three parts: Debra Fredrickson, Suzanne Zaayer, Ellie Skelton.

Debra Fredrickson (1st)

Suzanne Zaayer (2nd)

Elle Skelton (3rd)

Singlespeed Winner: Ren Stinson

DFL: Tony Thomas, the last rider in the last Inspiration 100!

We would like to thank all the riders, volunteers, sponsors, and anyone else who helped make the Inspiration 100 happen. It has been our pleasure to put on this race for five years. Scott and I will most likely be mountain biking somewhere this time next year. Maybe we will see you on the trail?

Pictures: Here are links to the two photo albums I know of from the day. Let me know if you have any photos you would like to add.

My iPhone pictures

Jim Scott's Pictures


1Ted Loosen5:06
2Nick Vetter5:06
3Charlie Schad5:07
4Adam Bergman5:08
5Ben Doom5:11
6Adam Weber5:22
7Chris Weisgram5:30
8Corey Shouse5:39
9Andrew Thompson5:47
10Dave Zeimer5:47
11Ren Stinson5:51
12John Kern5:51
13Alex Schad5:53
14Bruce Anderson5:54
15David Markman5:58
16Thad Schulz6:02
17Peter Moody6:03
18Scott Klein6:04
19Craig Cardinal6:22
20Bryan Yunis6:23
21Michael Latsch6:31
22Jeff Pokorney6:32
23Kyle Sobota6:46
24Gary Lindberg6:55
25Chris Brown6:56
26Corey Halstead6:58
27Mike Kosloski7:04
28Christopher Tassava7:05
29Joe Pahr7:06
30Jorge Odio7:07
31Debra Fredrickson7:08
32Lucio Bavelli7:27
33Jim Ringuette7:28
34Todd Hale7:30
35Joseph Demars7:35
36David Sundheim7:35
37Ryan Birkemier7:37
38Matt Sundquist7:40
39Baleigh Rasmussen7:43
40Bryan Swenson7:48
41Mike Rathlisberger7:55
42Craig Andrews7:57
43Mike Hawes7:58
44Mike Houghton8:11
45Greg Knoll8:16
46Chris Fandel8:17
47Brent Vacinek8:18
48JJ Egbers8:18
49Mike Wagster8:24
50Bradley Bridges8:34
51Michael Mansour8:34
52Rich Albrecht8:46
53Chris Atkinson8:46
54Suzanne Zaayer8:47
55Zack Mensinger8:49
56Michael Lehmkuhl8:52
57Ellie SKelton10:31
58Tony Thomas10:31
DNFMatt Fetzer
DNFJens Kniper
DNFNoah Middlestaedt
DNFGalen Murray
DNFChuck Roepke
DNFEd Shaw
DNFRoss Smith
DNFLiam Stewart
DQHarley Hanson

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